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Richardson Trust


Established in 1968 by Muriel Sprague Richardson in memory of her husband, former Queen’s Chancellor James Armstrong Richardson, today’s Fund remains a beacon illuminating the goals and aspirations of our University – to strengthen the academic environment which stimulates exception research and teaching and to further develop the resources and the climate required to ensure we continue to attract and retain outstanding teacher-scholars critical to maintaining our position as a research–intensive university.

Since its establishment in 1968, the Fund has served to greatly enhance the resources available to support scholarly research and teaching across a broad spectrum of Canadian studies at Queen’s, which include the fields of literature, public affairs, art and history, to name but a few. The extraordinary collectives have, in turn, been carefully preserved and made available for study and appreciation by Queen’s University Libraries, the University Archives and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.

Throughout it existence, the Fund has benefited from the stewardship of its Advisory Committee and Fund Administrators. From the outset, those gifted and dedicated scholars established the solid framework and collection objectives which have guided subsequent decisions about the acquisition of Canadiana resources under the auspices of the Fund. Their interdisciplinary approach and focus on broader University research and teaching objectives has sustained the Fund’s collection program with the understanding that great advances in knowledge increasingly occur where disciplines intersect rather than within the disciplines themselves.

From The Chancellor Richardson Memorial Fund – A Gift That Grows.
The Sixteenth Queen’s University Archives Annual Lecture
Introduction by William C. Leggett, Principal and Vice Chancellor

April 22, 1998

Accordingly, the Advisory Committee of the Chancellor Richardson Memorial Fund invites individuals, departments, and other Queen's University units involved in the study of Canada to submit proposals for the acquisition of Canadiana teaching and research materials. The Advisory Committee welcomes applications to acquire materials in any format and related to any aspect of Canada that will enrich the resources available to the Queen's community.